French Classes

I provide French lessons for small groups or private individual lessons at my place, at yours, or in School facilities. I teach French to children from PK4 to 12th Grade, or to adults willing to reinforce their skills or discover how wonderful is the language of Voltaire .

I prepare children to take the DELF exam, help French students in American schools who need to catch up with the French curriculum, and/or for those who follow the French CNED program.

I define my teaching philosophy as something actually simple but extremely efficient and powerful: Learning capacity is decoupled tenfold when we truly love what we have to learn.  “‘What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child” is  my motto, combined with the constant research of the optimum between three fundamental pillars of any good education:

  • A rigorous academy: Writing, reading, pronunciation, conversations, going deep in grammar concepts and rich vocabulary.
  • Fun: Entertaining and interactive activities, songs, art crafts,  games, Spelling Bee contest…
  • Culture: Art and literature, museum visits, but also politeness, courtesy, elegance, and of course, healthy food and French cooking…

Tuition fees: For small groups, the cost is 50$ per hour per person, $80 per hour for private lessons at my place or at school, and $100 at your place. This includes preparation of the classes, pedagogic materials, exercise books for year 2 to year 6,  and grading of homework.

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About Me

I’ve been teaching French as a second language to 100+ children from PK to 8th grade, at the Saint Albans School in New York since 2008. As head of the French Department, I’ve developed my own materials and pedagogic approach.

I really enjoy teaching and make children feel like making rapid progress in French, as well as teaching the positive aspects of the French culture. I’m told by parents and colleagues that I’m truly loved by all the kids,  and I could not get better recognition for my work.

I grew up in France, my Mom was a teacher, my Dad an engineer, and I spent 10 years as a girl Scout! I hold a French “Baccalaureat” and a Master in International Affairs from a French business school. I had to follow my beloved husband to New York in 2005, and our two kids, Marie and Louis, are both at the Lycée Français de New York.  I enjoy raising my kids, reading, gardening, golfing, sailing, and of course, teaching!


“Claire is a teacher of extraordinary talent and dedication”.
Joan Fox. Principal, Saint Albans School

 “Merci for making my PreK years so wonderful!”
 The Newcombs

“You’re the best!”.
Rusty Carter

“Claire is a rare type of teacher”
John Amelio. Head of Middle School. Saint Albans School

“Thank you for your elegant skills and dedication through the years”
Linda B.

“Mrs De La Roche has the ability to motivate children and keep them on track while ensuring they develop a passion for learning French”
Philip Helminger

The Best French Teacher in Manhattan!
Francesca Civili


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Looking forward to getting to know you!

Claire Delaroche,  81st Street and 2nd Avenue, NY 10028.

(646) 573 – 6941